How Your Prosperity Can Become an Automatic Process

From the writings of Catherine Ponder

There are many success courses and self-help books on the subject of prosperity available today, and they are all good. Any instruction that helps you to open your mind to increased abundance is worthwhile. But most of those courseswhich often cost hundreds of dollarsand many of the success bookscover only a fraction of the prosperity principles practiced by the millionaires of Genesis.

Most of the success courses and books available today explain how you can create your prosperity mentally first through deciding what you want and then going after it through the goal-setting methods of:

  1. Writing it down.
  2. Picturing it.
  3. Affirming it. And those prosperity techniques are very good.

However unless you:

  1. Realize that prosperity is your spiritual heritage and then cleanse your mind of guilt about wanting to be prospered;
  2. Learn how to get out of the “old country” by forgiving, releasing, and giving up limited states of mind and circumstances that you have outgrown, as did Abraham;
  3. Give your prosperity a spiritual basis as did Abraham when he tithed to Melchizedekyour your prosperity may not be permanent.

By learning the entire formula for prosperityincluding the advanced law of prosperity as taught by the mystical millionaire Melchizedek and as practiced by the millionaire Abrahamyou will find that your prosperity becomes an automatic process. There will be nothing “hit or miss” about it. You will enjoy demonstrating permanent, enduring prosperity without experiencing the strained frustration of those who are still working at it from the competitive, hard work, take-all, give-nothing level.

You can see how consistent giving to God’s work opens the way to consistent receiving in your own work. It is a practice that is businesslike, orderly, scientific, and practical.

Since God is the Source of your supply, you must do something definite and consistent to keep in touch with that rich Source, if you want to be consistently prospered. Those who tithe are always certain they will prosper because they have the confidence and faith that goes with having God as their Partner.

(From “The Millionaires of Genesis” – DeVorss & Co.)