How to Stabilize Your Finances

Lesson 5


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Five – How to Stabilize Your Finances

Prosperity Principle:  God is the Source of your supply.

To have stability in your finances, and in every phase of your life, there is only one thing you can count on, which is the anchor and foundation of true prosperity.  This stabilizing factor is accepting God as the Source of your supply.  This may seem a bit different than you have been used to thinking.  Many people still look outside themselves for their supply.  But that is looking in the wrong direction, as explained in a previous lesson.  All true prosperity begins with focusing your attention within, on the One Source of all your good.  Understand that God is not a human-like Being in the sky someplace, and separate from you.  God is spirit, infinite love, wisdom, substance, energy permeating everything including your mind and body.  As such, God is the source your supply always where you are.

Catherine Ponder wrote in The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, “The wonderful thing about recognizing God as the Source of all riches, and taking Him into your financial affairs and into every department of your life, is that the more you do so, the more stabilizing every phase of your life becomes.  In due time, there are no stringent financial emergencies to be dramatically met with instant manna from heaven.  Instead, things just get better and better financially so there is always substance on hand to meet your needs.”

She tells of a saleswoman who had a lot of financial expenses, but her sales had declined.  Fortunately, she decided to look to God as the Source of her supply.  She affirmed over and over these words from the Lord’s Prayer.  “Give me this day my daily bread.”  (Bread in the Bible, means Substance – Energy.)  An avalanche of financial abundance poured in upon her.  Her sales picked up in an amazing way, her commission checks came in with greater regularity, and they got bigger and bigger!  Neighbors gave her food, and she was given several items of fine clothing by a friend.  Some of her customers gave her gifts of appreciation, plus she received a number of dinner invitations.  Every day, her needs were supplied more abundantly than she could have imagined!

It is important for you to realize and accept this important Truth:  God is the Source of your supply.  Go to the Source, every day, in prayer and meditation, and invite this great indwelling prospering Presence to fill your mind, heart, and soul with its riches.  By doing this, you become the channel or instrument through which all kinds of prosperity blessings flow in your life.

If you are in business for yourself, or work for a company, remember that these are not the Source.  God is the one and only Source.  God is always within and around you, therefore, your rich, abundant good is always where you are.  This brings real stability to your finances.

A very important action for creating stability in your finances is regular and consistent tithing.  This is giving 10% of your whole income to God through where you are learning the spiritual laws and principles of prosperity. i.e. church, minister, spiritual counselor/teacher or spiritual organization.  *Tithing is covered more in a future lesson.

Prosperity Affirmation:  God is my Source.  His rich supply constantly flows freely and abundantly through me into my life.  I am relaxed.  God is prospering me now. 

Action:  Whenever you begin to feel an apparent “lack attack” coming on, take three deep breaths and declare the above affirmation three times.

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