How to Protect Your Prosperity

By Catherine Ponder

In the Land of Hebron, Abraham sealed or protected his property by doing something the ancient people often did when their prayers had been answered: He built an altar to God.

When the Hebrews built altars and gave sacrifices, these acts carried financial significance. It meant that they made financial offerings to Jehovah.

They often built altars and gave “faith offerings” before their prayers were answered. They often built altars and gave “thank offerings” after their prayers had been answered, in appreciation. They felt that giving before a prayer was answered opened the way to receive that answer. They believed that the act of giving after answered prayer helped seal or protect the result and make it permanent.

Abraham’s giving at this point indicated his thanks that the good he was picturing had and would come in ever increasing degrees. His gift was both a “faith offering” and a “thank offering.”

This age-old prosperity technique still works for those who use it. A woman of wealth said, “When anything negative happens to me, I know it is an indication that I have not been giving enough. I always get busy and give either a “faith offering” or a “thank-offering” to protect my wealth. This method has always prospered and protected me.”

From, The Millionaires of Genesis, one of the many prosperity books Catherine Ponder has written.