How to Find Employment

Rev. John W. Adams

The spirit of the Lord goes before me making easy and successful my way.

The first step in seeking employment is to know that God has a place of service for you. God knows you, understands your desire, and appreciates your ability. God works in your mind and life as the living principle of Truth that opens new ways before you and inspires you with new ideas that assure your success.

For all who are seeking work, there is a living message in a parable of Jesus. Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to the householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard. Again at the third, sixth, ninth and eleventh hours of the day he did likewise, and he questioned the people standing in the marketplace: “Why do you stand here idle all day?” They said to him, “Because no one has hired us.” He said to them, “You go into the vineyard too.” (Matthew 20:6 & 7).

Even as work was supplied to every idle person in the marketplace, so work is supplied today to all who apply the dynamic teachings of Jesus Christ, the Master Workman. Idleness has no part or place in the kingdom of God. Turn therefore to God with your whole heart, and your days of idleness will be over. There is always something to do. Whether the service at hand is remunerative or not, do it to the glory of God; your activity, your joy in working, your enthusiastic service will open the way to profitable work and permanent prosperity.

“Why do you stand here idle all day?” . . .”Because no one has hired us.” “Evidently the needs confronting the unemployed in the marketplace of which Jesus spoke were much the same as those which confront people today. The infinite voice of love and wisdom that directed them into the vineyard to work is the same voice that today speaks through the hearts and minds of those who are inwardly quiet before Christ and receptive to divine guidance. It likewise directs them to the place of service that God has prepared for them and instructs them in the fulfillment of their duties.

Affirm: The spirit of the Lord goes before me making easy and successful my way.

God has a place for you. Remember this, especially if work appears to be scarce. There is a perfect place for anyone who has a loving, earnest desire to serve. During your search for employment, bear in your heart and mind not only your own desire for work and supply, but also the desires of others, and seek in some way to help and be of service to others. You are sure to find work that is adapted to your particular ability that you will enjoy, and be generously recompensed, and that will lead to ever-greater success and prosperity.

Put your problem squarely before God. Talk things over with God as you would with an understanding friend or prospective employer. God is more than your employer, God is the omnipotent Spirit of prosperity and success the all conquering Spirit that has never failed and can never fail. If you feel that you are specifically qualified for a certain position or that some particular job is perfectly adapted to you, talk with God about it, but do not hold to it or think of it as the only suitable place that you might fill, because by doing so you may raise a barrier between you and some other occupation that would prove more satisfactory and prospering.

Hold fast to Truth and apply it to every thought, job, and service. Truth cleanses your mind of every thought of doubt, injustice, fear or failure and revives you in spirit. Never give up. Be willing to try new paths, to learn new ways, to cooperate with others. The world is changing. Working conditions have changed too, and there are greater opportunities now than ever before for those who are spiritually equipped to put Truth to the test and prove its wonder-working power in office, business, home, institution, factory, mill, forest, on the farm in any place or form of service.

Before you go further in your search for work, become still and revalue the assets that you have to offer your new employer. It could turn out that you will be your own employer in that you may be guided into establishing your own business.

You are a child of God. God has with-held nothing from you; therefore, you have the courage and confidence that straighten your shoulders and lift your chin. You have a knowledge of Truth, which shines from your eyes in a straightforward look of honesty and trustworthiness. You have understanding love, which makes itself felt as goodwill and as ability to cooperate with other works. You have the knowledge and confidence that the spirit of the Lord goes before you making easy and successful your way, and you smilingly, fearlessly, gladly meet the one for whom you would work, and he or she in turn feels the fine spirit that you manifest.

Measure yourself; raise your standard; work with God. By doing so, you embark upon the pathway of peace and true success. We rejoice when we think of all the good qualities that you demonstrate. We know that you put love, loyalty, wisdom, good judgment, and joy into all that you do. We also know that as you improve and enrich your life with these qualities, you are abundantly rewarded by God.

The spirit of the Lord goes before you making easy and successful my way.

Also declare this prosperity prayer: I give thanks for wonderful work with a wonderful company where I give wonderful service for wonderful pay!

This article was first printed in pamphlet form by Unity School of Practical Christianity. It is out-of-print.

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