Ten Prosperity Commandments

A Personal Message from Rev. John W. Adams

A ten-part series of prosperity articles inspired by the Unity book, “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana Tree West, a highly respected metaphysician with keen insight.

The Ten Commandments are cardinal laws for human society. They are fundamental laws, because they are the basis or foundation upon which all principles of right action may be built.

The Ten Commandments will continue to serve as a basis of right action for all people at all times in all ways as the fundamental truth in each is better understood. As your understanding grows you are able to see greater meaning in these laws and so make broader application of them. This is what Paul meant by “the fulfillment of the law.”

One way to make broader application of the Ten Commandments in your daily life is to use them as a basis of action in handling all your financial affairs. This revelation came to Georgiana Tree West while she was meditating on the hidden values in the commandments. Out of this revelation “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” evolved.

They are presented to you here with the prayer that they will prove to be of as much value in your life as they were in the life of the author. I discovered this book many years ago and it has been a profound influence in my thinking, and in my life. May you also discover the value of this teaching and through your study, move you into the fulfillment of all of your prosperity dreams, and much more!

I recommend that you study these carefully and make a genuine effort to apply this teaching in every aspect of life as well as financial. On this page is the index of the commandments. Although you may read any of them, out of sequence, you will benefit more greatly if you read them in sequence, beginning with number One. I will be grateful to hear of your prospering experiences. Please write to me.

– Rev. John

When we look to God alone as the source of our supply there is no limit to the wealth of good things that can be manifested in our lives. God never limits us. – Georgiana Tree West

Commandment 1. You shall look to no other source but God for your supply