Foundation for Permanent Prosperity

Lesson 1


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson One –
Foundation for Permanent Prosperity

Prosperity Principle:  In every aspect of life, to have more you must give more. 

Foundation for Permanent Prosperity

Foundation for Permanent Prosperity

In the mid-sixties, my family and I purchased a house several miles north of Bremerton, Washington. It was situated on three very pretty acres with a view of the Olympic Mountains. One of the outstanding features of the house was that when the wind blew, even very hard, that house never shook or even creaked. That’s because it was securely fastened to very large rocks which were cemented together to form a solid foundation.

A good foundation is essential when constructing a building and just as important when creating permanent prosperity. Too many people tend to rush into establishing themselves in a prosperous condition, and then wonder what happened when they either fail to do so, or if they do, it is not as great as they would like, or doesn’t last.

The basis for permanent prosperity is the universal law: You cannot get something for nothing. In other words, “Thou shall not steal.” In truth, one who steals, steals from himself. The con artist first cons himself. (A lot of people have “conned” [thought and talked] themselves into lack and limitation.)

Under the law of compensation it is impossible to get something for nothing. Life, functioning under this law of mind, demands that we pay for what we get. By the same token, we get what we pay for. If you try to get something for nothing, nothing is what you eventually wind up with.

In order to receive full measure, you are required to give full measure. You must pay eventually, so why not now? A balance must be maintained between giving and receiving.

Stuart Wilde wrote: “The way to ensure that you will always have enough is to forget about the money and concentrate instead on giving of yourself emotionally – that is, supporting people, putting out energy and being there for others.” (The Little Money Bible – Hay House)

Wealth is the outpicturing of your state of mind. Those who strive hard for wealth yet remain poor, have a poverty consciousness. That is the main reason for their lack of achieving the prosperous results they desire. And, they do not know God as the Source of their supply.

Keep in mind that it is not hard work but the condition of your consciousness that determines how prosperous you are. Some people, who spend years trying to prosper and work very hard without success, may be laboring under karmic law.

Karmic law is the oriental name for results of cause and effect, and can be carried from one incarnation to another. However, the law of *grace transcends the law of karma, and it is God’s free gift to you.

A businessman believed that it didn’t matter what he did to achieve his prosperity goals. He thought it was okay to cheat people, to give them inferior goods while over-charging them. It wasn’t long before his business was failing. Fortunately, he realized what was happening and was determined to change his thinking and behavior. He studied the universal laws of prosperity, especially the laws of grace, giving, receiving and attraction.

Invoking the law of grace set him free from past mistakes, and by diligently applying the laws of prosperity, especially tithing, he first established within himself a solid foundation of God as the source of his supply upon which he could build permanent prosperity for himself. He determined to give people greater value for their purchases than the price they paid. Soon, his business began to prosper, and he became very successful. He was grateful he learned to build a solid foundation of God as his source and the value of giving full measure instead of trying to get something for nothing.

Prosperity Affirmation:  Secure in the Source of all wealth, my prosperity steadily grows. By the grace of God, I am free from past mistakes and I now go forward into my ever-increasing prosperity.

Action: Accept that God is the source of your supply. Take time for quiet meditation in which you establish yourself securely in the Presence of God. Decide what you want the Universe to give to you. Decide what you will give to the Universe then, begin giving it. i.e. – Love, service, helpfulness, be more generous, positive, optimistic.

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