Financial Independence

Lesson 15


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Fifteen –
Financial Independence

Prosperity Principle:  To be financially independent, share your inner wealth of rich ideas with humanity.

As with anything else you wish to demonstrate, financial independence begins in mind – with thinking.  That is why Napoleon Hill titled his famous book, Think and Grow Rich.  He didn’t say to hope or to work hard, but to think.  In the book, he reveals the secrets of the very wealthy of that era.

In each case, the wealthy people who Napoleon Hill wrote about used their minds.  They knew the power of thought, and in their own way, connected with the Source.  They allowed themselves to be the channels for rich ideas.

Not only is the Source of rich ideas within you, you ARE the source of all wealth because you are rich with creative ideas.  Jesus Christ, the Great Prosperity Teacher, called this the Kingdom of Heaven, and He said it was within you and every person.  Ideas make you rich or poor, or somewhere in between.  The key is in what you entertain with your mind.  It is simply not possible to become financial independent while focusing the great energy of your thinking upon un-prospering ideas and continuing to harbor feelings of being undeserving.

As was discussed in Lessons One and Fourteen, it is necessary to jettison small thinking and limiting ideas.  To be financially free, it is imperative to first free your mind so there is room for the prospering substance of rich ideas, and for it to move out into your life.  In other words, as Emmet Fox wrote, you must have the mental equivalent of riches before you can have them in your life.  It is essential for you to have a clear picture in your imagination, of the financial independence you desire.

Ask yourself, “What does financial independence look like?”  “What does it mean?” “What am I willing to let go of and to do to be financially independent?”  “What am I willing to do in service to humanity to be financially independent?”  Listen to your answers.

Financial independence does not mean the same to everyone.  To some it is sufficient money to live fairly comfortably and to others it may mean millions or even billions.  What it means to you is most important.

Here are some things to consider: 

  • Your mind abounds with new, original thoughts.
  • What you have to offer the world is unique and the world desires it.
  • Accept that your value is much greater than you might have thought.
  • BE the channel through which the world is blessed, produce that, and give it to the world.
  • What is that?  Ask within and it will be revealed to you.

There are no limits or restrictions to your inspired creativeness – unless, of course, you let there be.  Obstacles are no match for the overflowing power of God in you.  You are wise to remember:  In the final analysis, the only one responsible for your financial freedom and independence is you.

What you radiate comes back to you.  Decide right now to radiate blessings, creativity, prosperity, love, peace, harmony, joy, beauty, wisdom, and power.

All of humanity desires what you have to share, so share it.  If Henry Ford, Walter P. Chrysler, and others had kept all their ideas to themselves, the auto industry would not have amounted to much.  Directly and indirectly, what they thought and did had an effect upon all other industries.  What you think and do works the same way.  Do not discount your thoughts and actions.  When you think positive, prospering thoughts and let them be expressed in like words and actions, your financial independence is assured, especially when you consciously connect with God, the Source of your wealth.

Clear your vision.  You are authorized to do greater things than you have done before.  The world needs and is waiting for your greater creativity, and will gladly pay for it.  Your financial independence begins with your declaration of it as yours.  God wants you to be financially free now and forever!  Accept this as true for you now.  It is!

It all started for Paul Allen on a snowy day in December 1974, when he was twenty-one years old. After buying the new issue of Popular Electronics in Harvard Square, Allen ran to show it to his best friend from Seattle, Bill Gates, a Harvard undergrad. The magazine’s cover story featured the Altair 8800, the first true personal computer; Allen knew that he and Gates had the skills to code a programming language for it. When Gates agreed to collaborate on BASICS for the Altair, one of the most influential partnerships of the digital era was up and running. And, as it is said:  The rest is history!

Prosperity Affirmation:  God in me is my Source of rich ideas.  God’s intention for me is to use the great energy of my mind, be receptive to great ideas, and to be financially free and independent.  I gratefully accept and move forward now.

Action:  Sit quietly for a while and turn within to the Source of all wealth.  Declare that you are open and receptive to rich, creative ideas.  Then be still and listen.  Repeat this exercise as needed.  Do NOT say you have no ideas.  Accept that Infinite Intelligence, in you, is alive with rich ideas and is now revealing them to you.  Ask, seek, knock and they will be revealed to you.

Copyright, John W. Adams – All rights reserved.

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