Christmas Message 2016 from Rev. John Adams

Merry Christmas from Golden Key Ministry-UnityDear Loving Friend:

Our prayer for you during this Christmas season is to enjoy a greater realization of God’s love, light, joy, good health, peace and prosperity. Christmas is really about love. Open your heart to the love that is constantly streaming to your heart from the heart of God. Allow every twinkling Christmas light to remind you of the Christ Light of Love in you.

Eric Butterworth wrote:

“We often hear it said that the greatest thing in the world is love, and yet we overlook the fact that love is also the most needed factor in personal, national, and international relationships. God is love, and as God’s child you are a channel through which the limitless and dynamic energy of love can flow – if you let it.”

This Christmas season, we invite you to join with us in more freely and greatly letting love flow — let it flow to those near and far, to every man, woman and child on Mother Earth, without distinction. The greatest gift we can give is unrestricted, unconditional love. Gratefully accept the love that is flowing from this ministry to you, and pass it on to everyone.

Thank you for being an important part of Golden Key Ministry-Unity. We are thankful for the many friends who give special Christmas tithes and other financial contributions in support of Golden Key Ministry-Unity. These are greatly appreciated. We are grateful for all you give now, and every day. We love and appreciate you!

We are here for you. Send your Special Christmas Prayer Request to us now and we will pray with you every day through December 31st.

God bless you, dear friend. May this Christmas be an especially love-filled experience for you, your family, friends and everyone. Our prayers are with you.


Rev. John and the Golden Key Ministry-Unity Staff

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Merry Christmas from Golden Key Ministry