10. You Shall Not Limit Yourself by Coveting That Which is Another’s — Claim Your Own

By Rev. John W. Adams Whatever you choose as your greater prosperity, it begins within your own mind. Everything you desire has its beginning within yourself. When you make a purchase exchange money for a product that transaction takes place in your own thinking. It is a process of using your mental faculties of faith, […]

9. You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against the Source of Your Wealth

Rev. John W. Adams The ninth commandment has to do with the essential nature of truthfulness. To “bear false witness” is to be untruthful, and any intent to deceive is a violation of this commandment. One who consciously observes it in the letter may still be violating the spirit of it. A man who takes […]

8. You Shall Not Seek Something for Nothing

By Rev. John W. Adams The eighth commandment, like all the others, covers a broad field of human activities. Its meaning, therefore, cannot be limited to the mere act of committing petty or grand larceny. The spirit of the law of this commandment is nicely summed up in Emerson’s essay on “Compensation.” In the last […]

7. You Shall Not Abase Your Wealth to Idle or Evil Uses

By Rev. John W. Adams The Seventh Commandment has to with purity. Like all essential Truth the ideal of purity must be served in outer as well as inner action. It is not to be interpreted as dealing with only one type of impurity. Incorporated in it is an essential Truth that applies to all […]

6. You Shall Keep Your Wealth in Circulation

By Rev. John W. Adams Every commandment that is of God, voices an essential truth. This truth is applicable to the life of all human beings. In this commandment, “You shall not kill,” you again have such an essential truth. It is a big mistake to limit the meaning of this commandment to the taking […]

5. You Shall Deal Honorably With God and With All Human Instruments Through Whom God’s Good is Manifested For You

Rev. John W. Adams The first four commandments have to do with right action toward God and the last six with right action toward man. Each ethical or moral instruction is but a garment of Truth, for truth itself is the basic principle of all right action. If you haven’t read the first four of […]

4. You Shall Let Go and Let God Do It

Rev. John W. Adams This has to do with keeping the Sabbath. A Sabbath is a period of cessation from effort in order to rest and relax for the purpose of gathering strength and power for a new period of activity. Moses instructed the Hebrews that such a period of relaxation should be observed every […]

3. You Shall Not Speak the Word of Lack or Limitation

By Rev. John W. Adams In order to experience abundant prosperity on a daily basis, it is essential to watch your words. Make sure that they are in accord with the nature of God which is abundant, unlimited good. I AM is your handle of power and that which you attach it to tends to manifest in […]

2. You Shall Make No Mental Images of Lack

By Rev. John W. Adams Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs. Everything in the Universe is for us. Nothing is against us. – Ernest Holmes During their bondage in Egypt the Israelites had absorbed many pagan superstitions and, at times, faltered in their worship of the one God and sought favor of […]

1. You Shall Look to No Other Source but God for Your Supply

By Rev. John W. Adams The first commandment is the very foundation of Christianity: “You shall have no other gods before me.” In other words, you are to acknowledge no other source of life, love, wisdom, power, and substance than our Creator. The history of poverty in the lives of individuals can be directly traced […]