The Prosperity Law of Receiving

By Catherine Ponder – Guest Author The first step in receiving is giving.  It is through the law of giving and receiving that you demonstrate prosperity.  If you are not receiving the good you feel you should have in life, ask yourself, “What should I give?”  Prosperity is omnipresent, and you cannot impoverish yourself by […]

The Magic of Tithing!

By Rev. John W. Adams Letters from those who have experienced the Magic of Tithing. These are people have learned to tithe, and made a commitment to faithfully do so on a regular basis, and are reaping the prosperous rewards for doing so. These are shared with you here so you, too, may discover the […]

Ten Reminders About Tithing

By Rev. John W. Adams Tithe means tenth. It is one-tenth of your whole income before deductions, and given regularly. The tithe is given to God through the channel or channels you receive your spiritual food. In other words, fed spiritually, i.e. church, minister, spiritual counselor, or other spiritual person or organization. The tithe is […]