The Secret of Multiplied Money

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The Secret of Multiplied Money

The Law of Attraction directly applied to your finances!
by Rev. John Wolcott Adams

Would you like to learn how to multiply your money and expand your prosperity?

You will when you learn The Secret of Multiplied Money.

  • This great prosperity book reveals a powerful and proven practice, and when you do as instructed, you will multiply your money tenfold! It teaches you to use money as seed, the secret of how many of the world’s wealthiest people got that way.
  • The Secret of Multiplied Money teaches you to connect with the Source of Wealth and use the great energy of your mind to more greatly prosper yourself and others.
  • The Secret of Multiplied Money allows you to tap into the vast, unlimited reservoir of untapped prospering Substance within you.
  • The Secret of Multiplied Money teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction to create a greater flow of God’s good green energy, called Money, in your life.

With so much abundance in the world, there is surely plenty for you and everyone. It is right that you claim and enjoy your fair share, and to be abundantly supplied. You are wise to do everything you can to prosper. You will love how this wonderful book helps you to live more abundantly.

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The Secret of Multiplied Money by Rev. John W. AdamsThe Secret of Multiplied Money
Some of the contents include . .

  • Quantum Prosperity
  • Don’t “Swiss Cheese” Your Prosperity
  • Money is Wonderful!
  • The Secret of Multiplied Money
  • The Multiplied Money Recipe
  • Man’s True Quest

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This is a thinking and life-changing book. If you are ready for positive changes and for greater financial abundance in your life, you will love this book. It will change your personal economy!

“The Secret of Multiplied Money by Rev. John Wolcott Adams is the clearest, most direct book I have ever read in relation to The Law of Attraction as it pertains to financial prosperity. He tells you exactly how to plant money, how to claim your ten-fold return and how to utilize Affirmations and Afformations to Multiply Your Money. This book is a must read!” – Rev. Kathleen R. Fletcher in California

“I wanted to let you know that my MasterMind group was absolutely ecstatic to receive the books I ordered for them. Everyone has started their books and they are excited about the possibilities. The day after I gave them the books, I went to a local casino to play some slots. Less than an hour later I had made $140! I left with a big smile on my face.” – Thanks again, T.M. in Indiana

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