There Is Prospering Power in Your Spoken Word!

Power Words for Prosperous Living
By John Wolcott Adams

This book has made a big change the lives of numerous people. It can help you by:

  • teaching you a very positive, affirmative way of life
  • helping you eliminate negatives
  • helping you enjoy success and prosperity without the usual struggle and strain
  • giving you “Golden Keys” to true happiness, good health, peace, success, and prosperous living!
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Power Words for Prosperous Living!

Power Words for Prosperous Living contains over 200 powerful prosperity affirmations.

Some of the contents are:

  • Your Spoken Word Is Power!
  • It’s Right to Be Rich!
  • Your “Divine Connection”
  • “Silence” Power!
  • Goals! Goals! Goals!
  • “NOW!”
  • LOVE!