Believe You Receive!

Lesson 12


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Thirteen –
Believe You Receive!

Prosperity Principle:  Believing you receive is your golden key to abundant living.

The Master Prosperity Teacher, said, “When you pray, believe you receive.”  He was stating a powerful prosperity principle and action of Mind.  He knew that everything was done by faith.  He also said to have the faith as of a grain of mustard seed, which is very tiny.  What He was really telling us is this: we are to do as the mustard seed which doesn’t question, doubt, or have qualms about what will happen.  Nor does it bother with thoughts of unworthiness, past mistakes, or other such things that tend to keep humans (the higher species) bound to lack and limitation.

When you think about it, what the mustard seed does is amazing!  There is infinite potential in all seeds.  They do what they are designed to do.  The same is true with thought seeds.

When F. W. Woolworth started his first five and dime store, it was very small and people said it would fail.  He proved them wrong.  He was the one with the seed-idea and the faith, and things multiplied because it is the nature of God to grow whatever you really believe.   Believe in God’s great prospering energy.

The nature of our wonderful universe is to give forth of its substance – pouring it into our goals and desires which we formulate in our imaginations.  Therefore, it is unwise, after you set prosperity goals and begin in faith, to allow doubts to enter your belief system.

When you doubt, which is fear, you sabotage yourself and your prosperity.  The same thing is true when you engage in lack-thinking or talking.

Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, wrote:  “If you would demonstrate true prosperity, you must turn from things and have faith in God.  Do not have faith in anything less than God, in anything other than the one Mind, for when your faith is centered there, you are building for eternity.  Mind and the ideas of Mind will never pass away.  There will never be an end to God.  There will never be an end to Truth, which God is.  There will never be an end to substance, which God is.  Build your prosperity on this perfect foundation and it will become large and permanent.”

Believe the greater prosperity you desire is attainable.  Actually, it is God-ensured as long as you believe and accept that it is your divine right to be as prosperous as you possibly can be.  Believe there is no limit to the wealth you may enjoy.

As you work with each of these lessons, believe that with each one, your prosperity is growing.  Believe that you are now in the flow of riches and they are now easily pouring abundantly into your life.  With each lesson, your faith is growing and your prosperity is flowing.

Regardless of what is going on around you, or what you have done or not done, put your faith to work and prove that you really do believe that God is adequate to provide abundantly for you.  Your desire for greater prosperity depends upon your faith.  Believe you receive.  Believe you are receiving now.  Believe you are receiving abundantly now!

Prosperity Prayer:  I believe I receive.  I am in the flow of abundance.  I feel abundance.  I gratefully enjoy abundance now.

Action:  Each day this week, pay attention to what you really believe.  Exercise your faith so that you know you are prospering more every day.

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