Barrier to Prosperity – 2

Lesson 3


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Three – Barrier to Prosperity – 2
Thinking Lack

Prosperity Principle: Think prosperously to produce prosperous conditions.

If you believe something other than a consciousness of God is your supply, you believe in lack and limitation.  This is closely akin to judging by appearances, which was discussed in the previous lesson.

When you look to channels as the source, then there is limitation in your thinking and the result is a lack of supply.  Thinking that you do not have sufficient funds to pay bills is a lack-belief.  It may appear that you do not have the funds, at the moment, but when you look beyond the appearance to the Source of all wealth, you know you have unlimited resources.

This is very important because, too often, people who want to prosper look at appearances and say, “my money is running low.”  They say that because of lack-thinking.  When they look beyond the appearance and “see” with their imaginations and faith, the unlimited resources of God, and let those resources fill their thinking, they experience the spiritual substance of unlimited supply, and know it is theirs.

Jim Rosemergy wrote in, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, “The have-not consciousness can produce only one thing—loss.  I once had a friend who experienced deprivation and lack with great regularity.  Often I told him that he was looking at the hole in the donut.  There were blessings in his life, but during the darkest times, his attention was upon what he did not have – what he lacked.   This was his focus and what he manifested in his life – loss.”

Jim Rosemergy goes on to say, “Thoughts are not the real shape formers of our lives; it is thought-patterns woven together that form our consciousness.  These are builders of our life experiences.  A consciousness of the Source must rise up from within us.  Then we are free.”

Check up on your thought-patterns.  Listen to what you are telling yourself.  When you write a check, visit your bank account, or spend money, what do you see?  What are your most dominant thoughts concerning your supply?  Are you looking to channels, or to God, the Source?  What do you have most of in consciousness, belief in and acceptance of lack, or the rich abundance of God?  If you catch yourself thinking lack, don’t waste time or energy beating up on yourself, switch your thinking to the rich abundance of God.  Affirm it and feel it!

Your Golden Key to abundant living is the awareness of God as your Source, and a consciousness of God as your supply.  Then there can be no lack within you or in your life.  Through your thinking, you are always working with the Law of Attraction.  Thus, you are wise to think prosperously.

Prosperity Affirmation:  There is no lack.  I think prosperously, and I am richly prospered every day in every wonderful way.

Action:  Look at the doughnut, not the hole.  Every day for the next seven days, deliberately keep your thinking focused on the rich abundance of God.  Look for and see the evidence of this every where.  Go up on a high hill and take in the view.   Gratefully claim and accept that it all belongs to you!

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.
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