Barrier to Prosperity – 1

Lesson 2


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams

Lesson Two – Barrier to Prosperity – 1
Judging by Appearances

Prosperity Principle:  Appearances are limiting.  God’s abundance is unlimited.

Jesus Christ, the Great Prosperity Teacher, made a profound statement when He said, “Do not judge by the appearance, but be right in your judgment.

Unfortunately, not enough people have taken to heart what He taught.  What He said is that when we look to appearances, we tend to believe they are real and make judgments accordingly.  This is looking in the wrong direction and is very limiting.  It causes us to make wrong decisions.

Look in your wallet, purse, checkbook, mattress, or wherever you keep your money.  If there appears to be only a few dollars, it would be incorrect to decide that money was running out.  Take a moment or two and think about the mega-trillions of dollars there are in the world.  And behind those, is the eternal spiritual idea of money.  Every moment, billions and billions of dollars are transferred electronically.  Those financial waves pass through your body. So, you have billions and billions of dollars moving through you every moment.  You may not feel them, but it is true.

Jim Rosemergy said in his great prosperity book, Even Mystics Have Bill to Pay, “The classic human error is judging by appearances.  Lack of vision hides the Truth of Being from us in so many areas of human experience.  This is especially true when it comes to prosperity.  We falsely believe that people are our source.”

Your job, business, and people are not your source.  God is, and God is within you and everywhere present. The key to truly living prosperously is to get your consciousness so centered in the Source, there is no way that you can judge by appearances and believe there is anything less than total, unlimited provision for you.

Your Golden Key to removing barrier #1 is to look beyond any appearance of lack or limitation to the vast, limitless abundance of God.  Practice doing this every day and you will know the Truth:  There is always plenty to spare and to share.  Give more time to positive prayer and meditation in which you focus only upon God and His vast provision for you.

Prosperity Affirmation:  I do not judge by appearances.  My focus is securely in God’s rich abundance within and all around me.  I now experience increasingly rich supply!

Action:  Observe how you view everything.  Watch for when you might begin to judge by appearances and immediately switch to God’s unlimited rich abundance now available to you.

Copyright, John W. Adams.  All rights reserved.
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