Ask For More!

By Lowell Fillmore – Guest Author, Son of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore founders of Unity School of Christianity. Live Abundantly Now! This is one of a series of special articles to empower you to live abundantly now. These will occasionally appear in your inbox. Read, save, share, archive to later inspiration. They are for the purpose […]

40 – Day Abundance Prayer Program

The more often you present to your mind a logical and true proposition, the stronger becomes the inner feeling of realization.  – Charles Fillmore – Co-founder of Unity School of Christianity. This Special Prayer is lovingly sent to you to empower you to expand your acceptance and experience of God’s rich abundance for you. Join […]

Do You Want a Job

By Russell A. Kemp – Guest Author SUPPOSE YOU HAD gone all out for nearly five months, taking over a superior officer’s duties because of his illness, as well as doing your own rather demanding job, and handling both jobs well. Suppose no mention was made of any extra compensation. And then when your superior […]

The Prosperity Law of Receiving

By Catherine Ponder – Guest Author The first step in receiving is giving.  It is through the law of giving and receiving that you demonstrate prosperity.  If you are not receiving the good you feel you should have in life, ask yourself, “What should I give?”  Prosperity is omnipresent, and you cannot impoverish yourself by […]

How Mr. Anderson Achieved Success

by Stella Terrill Mann – Guest Author A Mr. Anderson came to me to pray with him concerning his business affairs.  He long had dreamed of increased prosperity but his dream had not come true.  He had become fearful and bitter but thought of himself as a “strict Christian.” “I have worked hard all my […]

The Secret of Prosperous Living

This special article is created to help you to actually experience increased prosperity.  It is part of the dedication of Golden Key Ministry-Unity to help as many people as possible to live the truly abundant life we are all entitled to.  I trust that you find it helpful and truly prospering. Your comments are invited. – Lovingly, Rev. […]

Foundation for Permanent Prosperity

Lesson 1 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson One – Foundation for Permanent Prosperity Prosperity Principle:  In every aspect of life, to have more you must give more.  In the mid-sixties, my family and I purchased a house several miles north of Bremerton, Washington. It was situated on three very pretty acres […]

Barrier to Prosperity – 1

Lesson 2 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson Two – Barrier to Prosperity – 1 Judging by Appearances Prosperity Principle:  Appearances are limiting.  God’s abundance is unlimited. Jesus Christ, the Great Prosperity Teacher, made a profound statement when He said, “Do not judge by the appearance, but be right in your […]

Barrier to Prosperity – 2

Lesson 3 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson Three – Barrier to Prosperity – 2 Thinking Lack Prosperity Principle: Think prosperously to produce prosperous conditions. If you believe something other than a consciousness of God is your supply, you believe in lack and limitation.  This is closely akin to judging by appearances, […]

Barrier to Prosperity – 3

Lesson 4 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson Four – Barrier to Prosperity – 3 Holding on to Resentments  Prosperity Principle:  Freedom from resentments is prospering power.  Resentment is an exceptionally strong obstacle to prosperity mastery.  The reason for this is, when you hang on to resentments, you are not practicing the […]