How to Have “Unexpected” Income!

For deeper understanding, you will find Rev. John’ book, How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income informative and very helpful to substantially stimulate your thinking and expand your horizons.  It will surely enhance your ‘Unexpected’ Income experience.  You will treasure this book, and be glad you bought it! How To Have ‘Unexpected’ Income is full of usable ideas […]

Christmas Message 2016 from Rev. John Adams

Dear Loving Friend: Our prayer for you during this Christmas season is to enjoy a greater realization of God’s love, light, joy, good health, peace and prosperity. Christmas is really about love. Open your heart to the love that is constantly streaming to your heart from the heart of God. Allow every twinkling Christmas light […]

How to Stretch Your Money

– by Lowell Fillmore* – Guest Author *Son of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the founders of Unity School of Christianity. MONEY was invented for the convenience of men in expediting the exchange among themselves of services and goods.  Money should always be a servant of man and never his master. Man’s attitude toward his money […]

Prosperous Attitudes Toward Money

by Catherine Ponder – Guest Author. Catherine Ponder is the world’s foremost author and lecture on Prosperity. Her many books have helped and inspired millions of people worldwide. Live Abundantly Now! This is one of a series of special articles to empower you to live abundantly now. These will occasionally appear in your inbox. Read, save, […]

Prosperity Made E-Z Thank You

Thank You for purchasing The Prosperity Made E-Z Course Please check your email for instructions and full course ebook. BONUS #1:  Your Millionaire Personal Prosperity Plan – especially formulated to give you a concise and powerful plan for being a millionaire BONUS #2:  Brad Jensen’s Secrets of the Universe – Prosperity Step-by-Step – gives you proven laws […]


Lesson 17 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson Seventeen – Acceptance Prosperity Principle: The Universe can only give you as much as you can accept. Acceptance was discussed in a previous lesson, however, it is important enough to be worthy of further enlightenment. One time, while listening to Rev. Richard Rogers, […]

Are You a Prosperity-Type Person?

Lesson 20 [private] Prosperity Made E-Z By Rev. John W. Adams Lesson Twenty – Are You a Prosperity-Type Person? Prosperity Principle:  Thinking prosperously = living prosperously. Some people have a distinct feeling that they are naturally meant to be prosperous while others have that losing feeling that they never will be.  Many are somewhere in […]

Prosperity’s Demonstration Part 3 of 3

If you do not know what or who it is you need to forgive, when your good seems withheld from you ask God to reveal to you what or whom you need to forgive. You may be surprised where the block is! – Catherine Ponder, The Prospering Power of Love Spiritual understanding calls you to […]

How Your Prosperity Can Become an Automatic Process

From the writings of Catherine Ponder There are many success courses and self-help books on the subject of prosperity available today, and they are all good. Any instruction that helps you to open your mind to increased abundance is worthwhile. But most of those courseswhich often cost hundreds of dollarsand many of the success bookscover […]

How to Walk the Royal Road to Riches

By Joseph Murphy Once you understand the powers of your subconscious mind, you have within your grasp a road map to the royal road to riches of all kinds spiritual, mental, or financial, or all three. Anyone who has taken trouble to learn the laws of mind believes and knows definitely that she will never […]