As Beautiful as Roses!

By Rev. John W. Adams

Money is universal energy that, by our agreement, has taken a form that we can carry around with us, spend, save, invest, give away, fret about, and even measure our worth by, if we’re so inclined. Seen for only what it appears to be, it’s shiny coins and grubby bits of greenish paper that pass through hundreds, maybe thousands of hands – gives new meaning to the expression “filthy lucre.” But seen for what it symbolizes, it is, in Emerson’s words, “in its effects and laws as beautiful as roses.”

blooming rose budFor a look at the power of mind-over-money, consider how much of our economic system is built on pure speculation. Stocks, bonds and commodities are valued not in terms of their intrinsic worth (like cash itself, they haven’t any) but in terms of what is expected to happen to the firms or goods they represent. A company expected to trim production and lay people off sees its stock fall – leading to reduced capital, trimmed production and layoffs. The “prophecy” fulfills itself.

The same principle obtains if you and I turn “bearish”: we subtly shift our thinking into constriction and lack, to dreading risk, and to shutting off creative ideas at the Source. Next thing you know, we’re exactly where we planned to be, because we planned to be there.

On the other hand, we’re equally able to expect a personal bull market, anticipating that all our needs and wants are being easily, naturally met. Then we charge ahead into untried possibilities, filled with confidence and certain of success.

Universal energy, whether as money or limitless other forms, positively cascades into the opening created by such an attitude. – Jesse Jennings

Prosperity Prayer: Abundance is mine, just because I have shown up in life!

The Divine cannot lack for anything, and we should not lack for anything that makes life worth while here on earth. – Ernest Holmes