Are You Willing to Prosper?

This may seem like a strange question if you have indicated that you want to live more prosperously. However, the question is not, do you want to prosper but are you willing to prosper, or to receive. It has been my experience that many people who say they want to prosper, are not willing to receive the greater supply God has for them.

Jim Rosemergy said that sometimes he has begun a prosperity class lesson by holding up fifty dollars and saying, “Who deserves this fifty dollar bill?” it is amazing that often only a few hands go up. He gives the bill to the first person who raised his or her hand. Then he will say, “Why wasn’t everyone’s hand up? How do you expect to receive the wonders and riches of the kingdom of heaven if you do not believe you deserve fifty dollars?”

Say Yes to God!

Too often a person will feel undeserving. They may think they are unworthy and in subtle ways, say no to God and to the most basic prosperity. Guilt is usually associated with this and a person will punish him or herself by refusing to receive. Since God does not force His good upon you, there is nothing God can do until you say yes. In other words, God waits until you open your hand.

Important points to remember:

  1. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is yours as His gift to you, but you must be willing to receive it.
  2. Lack is believing that earthly things make you rich and secure. That is living outside the kingdom‹the presence of God, the Source.
  3. Richness is an awareness of God. It is not dependent upon having a lot of money.
  4. You are poor when you do not have a relationship with God. Your prosperity must have a solid foundation. A loving relationship with God is it.
  5. You are rich when God is your friend. What more could you ask for than the richest Partner in the Universe as your friend?
  6. You receive according to your capacity to receive. To be truly wealthy without, create a large capacity for receiving, within. Have the “I have!” consciousness.
  7. Richness is determined by what you do with what you have rather than by how much you have. Wise and loving use of your wealth is essential for true prosperity.
  8. Money is a symbol of your unlimited supply. Regardless of how little or how much money you have, it is still only a symbol. But, it is a mighty nice symbol!

Get rid of the idea that there is something wrong with earthly riches and something right about financial limitation. It simply is not true. Believe money and land makes you rich, and you will know true poverty and insecurity. Believe God to be your source and a consciousness of God your supply and you will experience true riches and well-being. – Lovingly, Rev. John (The above is adapted from: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay by Jim Rosemergy)

The first rule of flow is to constantly tell your mind that you are rich. – Stuart Wilde

Closes biggest sale! – Thank you for your prayers. I am happy to report that I have closed the biggest real estate sale of my career – more than 3 million dollars! Everything went so well, I was amazed! I’m glad I asked you to pray with me. Thanks again. Please keep praying with me. – D. F. – California

Prosperity Prayer: With God as my source, I am rich in Spirit and in money.