Are You a Prosperity-Type Person?

Lesson 20


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Twenty –
Are You a Prosperity-Type Person?

Prosperity Principle:  Thinking prosperously = living prosperously.

Some people have a distinct feeling that they are naturally meant to be prosperous while others have that losing feeling that they never will be.  Many are somewhere in the middle.  It’s all related to how you see yourself and what you can accept.  In this lesson we will discuss the Prosperity-Type person, using the word ‘Prosperity” to describe what the Prosperity-Type person is.

Qualities of The Prosperity-Type Person:

Spiritually enlightened
Prosperous thinking

The qualities of a Prosperity-Type Person explained

Positive – The Prosperity-Type person is positive.  He has an inner feeling of confidence; of knowing where he is going.  He wastes no time in negative conversation, but keeps his thoughts and words upward in a prosperity-producing attitude.  The Prosperity-Type person knows what he is about and wastes no time with things that do not add to his success.

Real – There is nothing fictitious or put-on about the real Prosperity-Type person.  He never thinks of himself as better than anyone else.  Neither does he think of himself lesser than others.  He knows that he and everyone are God’s creations deserving of the very best.  He has a deep connectedness with God and is the very nature of God in expression.  He has real integrity that comes from his deep spiritual foundation.

Optimistic – The Prosperity-Type person is optimistic regardless of what others think, say or do.  He looks on the bright side.  He knows that God is his always present Source and everything is all right.  His optimism is based on sound spiritual principles.  He never indulges in “hard times” talk.  He is quick to inject an optimistic word wherever needed.  He knows he lives, moves and has his being in God’s fabulous abundance.  He knows his prosperity is inevitable.

Spiritually Enlightened – The true Prosperity-Type person accepts himself as a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws.  He knows his oneness with God and that being spiritual is not just being “religious.”  He studies and applies the spiritual laws and principles of success and prosperity. He practices the presence of God as Life, Love, Peace, Intelligence and Substance within and all around him.  He is keenly aware that God is his source and the substance of his prosperity.

Prosperous Thinking – The Prosperity-Type person disciplines his thinking and speaking to make sure they are upward and prospering.  He knows the power of his thoughts to shape universal substance into the prosperous results he desires.  He is aware that his mind is the vehicle through which God’s infinite riches flow.  He keeps his mind open to, and his thinking on life, love, peace and rich ideas.

Enthusiastic – The Prosperity-Type person is “on fire” with the idea of prosperity!  He is excited about it!  Being enthusiastic, however, doesn’t mean to be in a hurry, but to be alive with rich ideas.  His enthusiasm is well-grounded in spiritual principles.  He loves the good life, desires and gratefully accepts it for himself, and enthusiastically helps others to prosper, too. He is alive with true prosperity consciousness which magnetizes prospering experiences to him.

Reliable – Just as the Prosperity-Type person is real, he is reliable.  He can be counted on and is always dependable.  His word is as good as gold.  When he says he will do something, you can depend on him to do it.  This comes from his deep inner connection with God.  His prosperity is constantly growing from the foundation of his consciousness of oneness with God within him.  He knows that he cannot prosper himself without helping to prosper others.

Imaginative – The Prosperity-Type person is creative in that he makes positive use of his imagination.  He uses this magnificent power to create his prosperity mentally first through picturing.  Instead of hard outer work, he uses his imagination to create his prosperity within so that it is automatically produced in his life.  He lets his mind work on IDEAS because he knows his prosperity comes in that form.  Using his imagination, he is spiritually creative.

Tithes – The Prosperity-Type person tithes.  Tithing voluntarily, at least one-tenth of his gross income to God’s work where he is learning the Prospering Truth, is essential and natural to the Prosperity-Type person.  He knows this is the most important of all prosperity laws and principles because tithing is the law of giving and receiving at its best.  Through tithing, he knows that God is his Partner and through this partnership, his prosperity is real, lasting and certain.  He gratefully, lovingly, and faithfully tithes knowing that God is adequate to provide for him.

Youthful – The Prosperity-Type person, no matter his age, is young in heart.  Thinking prosperously brings forth young, fertile ideas that keep him alive and in love with life.  He is excited about attracting more and more of God’s infinite riches; being the channel of greater life-activity; and being God’s instrument for loving service to others.  He is grateful for being alive, and is always open to new ideas and looking forward to new days and greater achievement.

How do you see yourself?  If work needs to be done, do it!  Make no excuse for not accepting the rich abundance God has for you.

Prosperity Affirmation:  I am a Prosperity-Type person.  All that I think, feel, say and do is prospering.  I see and accept myself as prosperous, and I am!

Action:  Take a little test.  Ask yourself how you measure up to each of the qualities of a Prosperity-Type person.

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