Lesson 17


Prosperity Made E-Z
By Rev. John W. Adams
Lesson Seventeen – Acceptance

Prosperity Principle: The Universe can only give you as much as you can accept.

Acceptance was discussed in a previous lesson, however, it is important enough to be worthy of further enlightenment.

One time, while listening to Rev. Richard Rogers, who was the senior minister of Unity Church of Phoenix at that time, he asked a very interesting question of the congregation.  “Are you willing for God’s very best to show up in your life?”

This is another way of asking, “Do you expect God’s best or are you willing to settle for something less?”  And, “When you pray, asking God to prosper you, are you going to accept God’s abundance, or accept a limited concept of what you deserve and is possible for you?

Often, people are too willing to allow the wounds of the past to interfere with what they could otherwise have.  When someone is hurt in some way, a lot of energy is given to feeding those old emotions that could be better used for creating a new life of love, joy, and financial abundance.  They expend a lot of energy in trying to justify why it is impossible for them to accept God’s very best, and plenty of it.

This is not just about accepting more of God’s best in your life.  It is about actually accepting yourself as worthy of living abundantly and allowing more of God’s riches to manifest in the form of ever-increasing joy, peace, love, health, harmony, and plenty of money.  Further, it is about creating such an inner and outer activity that it cannot help but to increasingly bless you richly and abundantly for the rest of your tenure on mother earth.  It is extremely important for you to create as much inner and outer prosperity as possible.

Accept yourself as a wonderful, deserving child of God, and that you are an integral part of the Universe.  Expand your acceptance of God’s ability to provide for you.  Some people have allowed themselves to get into a pattern of feeling poor or deprived.  They say, “I can’t give much because I don’t have much.”  Then they do not do much to change that pattern, because they are somehow strangely “comfortable” in that.  And so they go on that way day after day, which stretches into years.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote,  “As a first step toward getting rich, you must believe three fundamental principles:  1.  There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its fundamental state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the Universe.  2.  A thought, in this Substance, produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.  3.  Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless Substance, can cause can cause the thing he thinks about, and accepts, to be created.

“You must lay aside all other concepts of the Universe than this monistic one; and you must dwell upon this until it is fixed in your mind, and it has become your habitual thought.” (From:  The Science of Getting Rich)

You are wise to read the above statements over and over until they have become fixed in your memory and you accept them as your belief system.  This will surely help bring about the quantum shift in your thinking that may be needed.

If what you have been doing has not brought about significant change, or produced the prosperity you desire, shouldn’t it be obvious that a quantum shift in thinking is in order and you should set about causing that to happen?

That is exactly what one man did.  After years of putting up with “not enough,” he decided that he was going to change his mode of operation which meant that he was going to really change his thinking, and keep it changed.

He set about learning the Truth about himself and God.  To his delight, he learned that God was a very loving, all-providing presence and the source of his prosperity.  God would prosper him when he worked in harmony with the laws and principles of prosperity.  He also learned that he needed to upgrade his level of acceptance if he was going to enjoy the wealth he wanted.  He realized that he had been too willing to accept far less than what God had in Mind for him.  He made a determined effort to change that belief, too.

Having gotten rid of the old hang-ups and blocks, he went on to demonstrate an ever-increasing flow of financial abundance.  He said that it seemed it would take dynamite to blast him out of his old poverty-thinking but he kept on and everything changed.

Acceptance is essential. Understanding this, this man not only affirmed that God was his source, but accepting himself as a child of God, he realized that he deserved to be greatly prospered.  He declared that he would accept all of God’s good available to him.  He confidently and passionately affirmed:  “God is my Source and my consciousness of God is my supply.  As a deserving child of God I gratefully accept and receive all the good God has for me, and I am mightily prospered now.”

Expand your acceptance of God’s ability to provide for you.  Accept that ALL of God’s good is yours and claim it for yourself now.  Sometimes it may seem too good to be true when God’s wealth begins to pour freely into your life, but it IS true, and it IS yours.  Gratefully allow God’s riches to manifest in your life, and accept that it is yours by divine right.  It is!  Go for it with all your heart!

Prosperity Affirmation:  God is my Source, and my consciousness of God is my supply.  I gratefully accept and receive all the good God has for me and I am mightily prospered now.

Action:  Take a look at the level of your acceptance.  This means to realize what your prosperity level is now.  Your present level of prosperity reveals your acceptance level.  Whatever level it may be, determine to raise it.

Copyright, John W. Adams – All rights reserved.

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