A Consciousness of God is Your Supply

  1. Needs are not the issue. Too often a person will focus on their needs and ask God to fulfill them. All that focusing on needs is a waste of time and of good mental energy. It is trying to do something on your own that is based in a belief in lack. God cannot prosper you if your mind is filled with lack and fear.
  2. God has a plan that makes life meaningful and provides for your earthly needs. Have you really tuned in to God’s plan for your life? It is not that God wants you to adhere to some specific things, but that there is a divine intention for you to follow. When you do follow that, you are prospered more easily without the usual stress and strain.
  3. The pearl of great price is an awareness of God. What are you aware of more than anything else, especially when it comes to your prosperity, or lack thereof? Sometimes, people may search “in all the wrong places” for the pearl of great price only to be disappointed. But when they look within, it is always found. The pearl of abundance is within you now. It is the awareness of the kingdom of God within you.
  4. Your earthly needs are met not as you give attention to them, but as you give attention to God. As stated in #1, if you are to be truly prospered in the easiest way, your attention must be upon God, the Source. It is God Who prospers you, not thoughts of lack and limitation, or fear and anxiety. God is love and He loves to prosper you. All He asks is for your attention.
  5. God does not fulfill needs. If God fulfilled needs, everyone would be abundantly prospered all the time because so many people’s minds are cluttered with needs. God does fulfill a consciousness of abundance. In other words, when your mind and heart are centered in the abundance of God’s substance-energy, and fully conscious of this all-providing presence, then there are no needs, except one: the need to pray for wisdom in using all that good wisely and lovingly!
  6. God is the source. If you have been in New Thought for any time at all, you are aware of this primary teaching. Too often people will mistakenly believe that something in the world is the source of their supply i.e., government, rich relative, friend, job, company. That, of course, is never true. They are channels and should never be thought of, or looked to, as the source of your supply. God is the source and is always within and around you.
  7. A consciousness of God is your supply. Often someone will think of God as being their supply. That is okay but it is not wholly true. The Truth is: Your awareness or consciousness of God is your supply. This means to have your mind and heart full of the presence of God only and to know that your mind and heart are the avenues through which your rich good flow. What do you have a consciousness of? If it is anything less than God’s infinite love, wisdom, substance-energy, and all good, then it is time for an update. When you do, God’s rich abundance for you will pour forth so much more easily and abundantly, you will be amazed! Enjoy it! You deserve it! – Lovingly, Rev. John

Giving brings Quick Results! Do you remember the day I gave you just 30 cents when you were in my office? Well, the very next day my husband received $30 that we were not expecting! I am enclosing my tithe from that income. God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing. – G. F. – Arizona

Prayer brings Health & Prosperity! I am writing tell you that I have received wonderful results as answers to the prayer request I sent to you. I am not enjoying very good health, and I have been promoted in my work which will give me a substantial increase in income. Thank you for your wonderful help. – Z. J. – Ghana, West Africa

Prosperity Prayer: God is my source. My consciousness of God is my supply. I am richly and abundantly prospered in every wonderful way now.