9. You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against the Source of Your Wealth

Rev. John W. Adams

The ninth commandment has to do with the essential nature of truthfulness. To “bear false witness” is to be untruthful, and any intent to deceive is a violation of this commandment. One who consciously observes it in the letter may still be violating the spirit of it.

A man who takes pride in never telling a deliberate lie but who cleverly manages to convey false impressions is not only untruthful but dishonest. Taking pride in a virtue which he does not posses, he is dishonest with himself. Exaggeration, insinuation, detraction are all forms of conveying false impressions. Even listening to gossip is bearing false witness, because it means being receptive to false ideas and possibly perpetuating them.

Keep your thoughts pure.

Mind is creative in nature and thought is its action. Through the process of thought, mind projects its ideas into the realm of form. When the ideas generated in mind are true to the spiritual power that enables man to be, to think, and to act, they appear in the realm of form in ways that make for peace of mind, health of body, and abundant well-being in circumstances, which are the “extended body.”

Every time you say, “I am poor,” you are failing to keep your thought single upon the truth of God’s presence. In His presence is the fullness of supply for every need. Every time you talk about lack you are bearing false witness against God, for you are denying His presence; you are stating that there is an absence of the presence of God in your affairs.

Fill your mind with faith in God’s omnipresence.

Every appearance of lack should be vehemently denied. Denial is the erasing action of mind. When you refuse to accept a “false” appearance you have taken the first step toward erasing it from your consciousness. The next step is to fill your mind with faith in God’s omnipresence and His good will, knowing that whatever you hold in mind must inevitable find its way into form.

In every problem of supply the truth that God is the one and only source is the principle involved. To work out the problem of supply correctly so that plenty and not lack is the answer you must make intelligent use of your understanding of God as principle. You must prayerfully acknowledge Him as the source of all good and declare the truth of His presence and power in all your affairs; then gratefully accept the fulfillment of your heart’s desire and adamantly declare that God’s vast, unlimited good is now being manifested in your affairs. This is bearing witness to the truth. – Rev. John – (Adapted from: “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana Tree West)

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Prayer and Tithing pay! I cannot thank you enough to helping me to learn to pray in a positive way, and to tithe. Before, I was doing more begging than thankfully affirming and accepting. It surely makes a difference. Since I began tithing, my financial affairs have straightened out after being in a mess for years. Now I have more money to use. The amazing thing is that there is always plenty left over after paying bills! My grateful tithe is enclosed for your wonderful prayer support and ministry. R. G. – Kentucky

Prosperity Prayer: Knowing God as my source, I always think, speak and act positively, lovingly, and prosperously. I am abundantly prospered in all that I undertake. Thank You, God!

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