8. The Prospering Power of Love

By Rev. John W. Adams

I invite you to give special attention to love. It is, by far, the most important ingredient necessary for creating a more prosperous life for yourself.

Emmet Fox said, “Love is by far the most important thing of all. It is the golden gate of paradise.” This is true, of course, and it is your golden gate to more prosperity for you.

St. Paul made it very clear when he said that love is vital to everything you do. Otherwise, there would be nothing of intrinsic value in what you accomplish.

Another reason why love is the most essential thing is that it knows no boundaries, walls, time, distance, or obstructions of any kind. Love goes wherever you direct it, and when someone aims love at us, you can refuse to accept it, but you cannot stop it from coming or working its magic. Although you may deny love it’s freeing, healing, harmonizing and prospering power, it never denies you. Love is always present and transforms your life and affairs as you let it.

The question is: “When love is so wonderful, quick, and powerful to heal, bless and prosper, why would anyone want to deny its perfect expression?” Doesn’t it seem silly to try and do so? Yet, it is amazing how many people do!

If there is one substance that will work miracles in your finances, it is love. Love will heal any “lack-attack” when you genuinely invoke its wonder-working miracle energy in your financial affairs. As Frank B. Whitney wrote in his inspiring poem, “Love Will Meet The Need.” (see below)

When you are fearful about meeting some financial obligation, the best thing to do is to relax, let go, and let love meet the need. Place your faith completely in love and you will not be disappointed. You might ask, “Do I just do nothing, trusting love to take care of everything?” The answer is, you relax and trust, but be open to whatever you are divinely guided to do. When you trust love, you are trusting God to guide you, knowing that God is working through you and many other channels to take care of that obligation. This is much easier than worrying, doubting and getting upset.

The same is true with the healing of your body. Love will meet that need, too, when you call upon it to do its perfect work in your mind and body. Love is the only power that the Great Healer used in healing the sick, and in all of His healing miracles, even in the raising of the dead. Love never fails to heal, bless, work miracles, and prosper.

In human relationships, love is the harmonizing energy. It smoothes out difficulties, defuses anger and fear. Love forgives and dissolves resentment and bitterness. It makes all things right when it is allowed to function uninhibited. Florence Shinn wrote in “The Game Of Life” about a lady who wanted to marry “the Cap.” He avoided her until she sent him unconditional love, freeing him to be himself. When she truly released him in love, he soon appeared again in her life, and they were married.

Whatever the need, the real need is love. Give it full and free expression ands it will giver you all the wisdom, faith, and understanding you need for great success. Let it do its perfect work.

From my personal experience, I know that love is the great transformer. It was love that transformed my life. Love transforms your thinking and your way of living. It heals the so-called incurable and prospers you in a divine way regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve experienced so far. Love is your prospering power. Invite love to do its best in your mind and in all your financial affairs. It is the very best thing you can do and you will soon discover your prosperity increasing in marvelous way!

•    •    •

Love Will Meet The Need

Frank B. Whitney

When your heart is in despair,
Add more love unto your prayer;
Love will meet the need.
When you find a rugged way,
When you have a long, hard day,
When for help you pray and pray,
Love will meet the need.
When your heart is feeling fear,
When you wish that Christ were near,
Love will meet the need.
Love will bring the Christ to you;
Love will help you in all you do;
Love will help you to be true;
Love will meet the need.
God as Love will banish hate
If on Him you only wait;
Love will meet the need.
All your needs will be supplied
If on Love you have relied;
Not a thing will be denied;
Love will meet the need.

•    •    •

Love is essential for good health
Love is the way of substantial wealth.
Love will always see you through
So put plenty of love into all you do! – Rev. John

You have all the love you need for healing, prosperity, and happy human relationships right within yourself. You do not have to search outside yourself for love. You can begin releasing it from within outward, through your thoughts, words, actions, and affirmative prayers. – Catherine Ponder

•    •    •

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