7. Divine Guidance for Prosperity

By Rev. John W. Adams

A wealthy businessman once told me that he always asks for divine guidance concerning matters of major importance. Then he waits for 48 hours before making decisions regarding those matters, while he keeps his mind open and receptive. He follows this with action according to the guidance received. He said that this method of handling important matters has never failed him and best of all, has helped him be a multi-millionaire.

Using this system, he once purchased a failing business. From appearances, it was an unwise thing to do, but he acted on the guidance he received and bought it anyway. He succeeded to turn it into a very profitable business, later selling it for many times his original investment.

Although mostly retired, this man was in demand as a speaker and consultant. It seems that others placed a high value on his ability to solve problems and to turn a profit, which is the name of the game in business.

Divine guidance is yours for the asking as Florence Shinn points out: “There is nothing too great (or too small) of accomplishment for the man (or woman) who knows the power of his word, and who follows his intuitive leads. By his word he starts in action, unseen forces and can rebuild his body or remold his affairs.”

I have found this to be so very true. Countless numbers of times, when in need of knowing how to proceed, I have spoken my word (affirmative prayer) and then allowed myself to be open and receptive to divine guidance. This process has never failed me and I continue to enjoy the ever-increasing good that comes from doing so.

Quite a number of years ago, I was offered a new job position in another part of the country. If I accepted, it would have been an answer to prayer for increased prosperity, but would have required my family to move. Realizing that God was in both places, I asked for divine guidance and waited. Soon it became clear to me to stay where I was which ultimately proved to be the right choice.

When you speak your word and then wait, be sure to let Infinite Intelligence know that you do want an answer (definite guidance) and that you will settle for nothing less than right guidance. How can you know if your guidance is right? Usually, by the feel of it. Sometimes your reasoning or conscious mind will not want to accept certain guidance because it may not seem logical, however pay no attention to that. Listen more deeply! Follow your heart for it is through intuition (your feeling nature) that divine guidance comes.

God has never failed anyone yet, and is not about to. The key is to really ask through speaking your word such as, “Divine Mind knows and Divine Mind shows. I am now guided in the right and perfect way to proceed.” Then wait and listen. Be alert. Guidance may come immediately, but often it comes after you have released the matter and gotten busy with something else, or it may come in the middle of the night. It will surely come, however, and when you really want it and keep open and receptive.

Follow through by acting upon your guidance. Follow your leads or hunches with action. This often proves to be the best thing to do. Most people would be happier, healthier, and more prosperous if they would do these things. If your measure of treasure is not satisfying to you, open your mind to the Infinite Mind of God, ask for guidance, listen, and follow through.

•    •    •

Divinely guided abundantly give
If more prosperously you want to live.
Then God will give to you, full measure
Adding bountifully to your treasure! – Rev. John

We have only begun to knock a few chips from the great quarry of knowledge, which has been given us to dig out and use. – Charles F. Kettering

•    •    •

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