6. You Shall Keep Your Wealth in Circulation

By Rev. John W. Adams

Every commandment that is of God, voices an essential truth. This truth is applicable to the life of all human beings. In this commandment, “You shall not kill,” you again have such an essential truth. It is a big mistake to limit the meaning of this commandment to the taking of human life. So construed, it ceases to be of further value to those who have evolved to the point where the idea of taking human life is abhorrent.

To kill is to destroy. A slanderous word can kill a reputation. Many a peaceful home situation has been broken up through destructive words, words that kill confidence and destroy happiness. We oftentimes kill our own ideals through destructive thoughts of fear or doubt or through letting influences of our own lower nature gain ascendancy.

Death is disintegration. Stagnation is the starting point of all disintegration, and lack of circulation is the cause of stagnation. In this light, this commandment states that you are to keep your good in circulation. As you circulate gifts of God they increase in your life in proportion as their value increases in the lives of others.

Words of kindness, thoughtfulness, friendliness are carriers of love into the minds and hearts of those who receive them.

Stagnation is death but circulation is life. Circulation is the secret of increase, and if you are to prosper there must be not only circulation of rich ideas in mind but the wealth that is the outpicturing of these ideas must also be kept in circulation.

Fear and condemnation are allied with stagnation and death. Fear kills faith and prevents the divine ideas of God’s almighty power and infinite good will from circulating freely in mind and affairs. Condemnation kills praise and appreciation. There can be no circulation of God’s good where there is no praise of His presence.

Praise and faith are allied with circulation and life. Through praise and faith you keep your consciousness alive to God’s presence and so keep His good circulating in your affairs.

Money is a symbol of God’s defense against lack and limitation. Like all good it must be kept in circulation. In other words, it should not be hoarded, or saved for a “rainy day.” To do the latter is to set yourself up for “rainy day” (negative, undesirable, financially draining) experiences.

A person who has money and uses it intelligently keeps it in circulation unselfishly and gets enjoyment out of it – is a rich person. The one who hoards it, or who uses it only for himself, is still poor, no matter how much he has. The miser is not rich. He is merely a collector. Most miserly traits can be traced to fear of poverty. All fear is congestion in the realm of mind caused by a sense of separation from the divine source of supply.

The man who has faith in God as his never-failing resource uses his money fearlessly and joyously, knowing that his free, loving and intelligent use of it is a guarantee of its increase. He understands and keeps the sixth commandment: You shall keep your wealth in circulation. – Rev. John – (Adapted from “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana T. West)

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