5. You Shall Deal Honorably With God and With All Human Instruments Through Whom God’s Good is Manifested For You

Rev. John W. Adams

The first four commandments have to do with right action toward God and the last six with right action toward man. Each ethical or moral instruction is but a garment of Truth, for truth itself is the basic principle of all right action. If you haven’t read the first four of these, you will benefit more if you do so before reading further.

The firth commandment begins the instruction concerning right action toward your fellow man. Logically it starts with right action toward your parents. You may think of life as a series of concentric circles; and only as you learn to act wisely and well with the smallest circle, the immediate family, do you develop the ability to establish standards of right action to guide you in relation to the ever-evolving circles of friends, business associates, local, national, and world groups.

The spiritually awakened soul sees his earthly father and mother as the human instruments through which God’s law has worked to provide him with a physical body to serve him as he goes about the business of living God’s life for Him here on earth. He knows himself as a spiritual being and God as his Progenitor. He knows this same truth for his father and mother and honors them for the part they play in enabling him to continue working out his mission during this tenure.

With the eye of spiritual vision you look through your earthly parentage to your divine Progenitor, your heavenly Father. You honor Him not only as the source of life but the source of your supply and you are moved to deal honorably with Him in all your endeavors.

One of the necessary ways of establishing ethical conduct toward God is the practice of tithing. The tither obeys the injunction: “Honor Jehovah with your substance, and, with the first fruits of your increase.”

To honor the Lord with your substance is to render inner service; to acknowledge His presence in prayer, praise, and silent meditation. To honor Him with the first fruits of your increase is to render outer service; to give a just portion of the supply you demonstrate to the maintenance of His work here on earth.

Rightly understood, tithing is a form of worship. There is no surer way of acknowledging God as the source of your supply than the actual giving back to God 10% of all you receive from God. Tithing is really the outer aspect of the threefold nature of worship: Prayer, Praise, and Giving.

Viewed from a practical angle, tithing is accounting to God for what you receive. It is actual recognition of God as the source of your supply; without tithing the recognition is purely theoretical. Tithing is a guarantee of your good faith in God’s all-provision. It is recognizing God’s ownership and your stewardship. Tithing, to be effective, like prayer, must be a matter of inner feeling as well as outer action.

In reality, the giving of the tithe is a form of prayer because it saying, “Thank You, God, for being my source, and for Your rich supply.” All spiritual work should be supported by the tithes of those who receive its blessings. Where there is conscientious tithing to a spiritual cause no special collections are ever necessary. Through this activity, both the giver and receiver are abundantly blessed over and over. In so doing, you understand the fifth commandment, follow its instruction, and are prospered through this activity of divine law. – Rev. John – (Adapted from “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana T. West)

•    •    •

Prayers bring abundance! God bless all of you who have been praying with me. When I first wrote to you, I had no job and hundreds of dollars in bills. I am happy to report that all the bills have been paid! Also, a lady for whom I had done some things several months ago, sent me an extra $150 check in appreciation. I am now working for a wonderful company and have excellent benefits and a great bonus plan. Needless to say, I am very happy and thankful. Thank you for teaching me to tithe. It has surely made a big difference in me and in my financial life. Prayer and tithing really do bring abundance. My grateful tithe is enclosed. R. D. – California

Prosperity Prayer: I no longer strain and strive, I tithe and thrive!

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