4. You Shall Let Go and Let God Do It

Rev. John W. Adams

This has to do with keeping the Sabbath. A Sabbath is a period of cessation from effort in order to rest and relax for the purpose of gathering strength and power for a new period of activity. Moses instructed the Hebrews that such a period of relaxation should be observed every seven days. This was because, according to Hebrew thinking, seven was the symbol of rest and peace, the idea of completion or fulfillment following a period of activity.

In every demonstration there must be resting periods, times in which you cease from outer activity while dwelling in complete reliance on God and on the operation of Universal laws of prosperity.

The essential truth in this commandment is that every period of well-rounded activity must be followed by a period of perfect peace and rest. In other words, after doing what is required of you in an outer way, relax, let go and let God do it!

This was demonstrated over and over by Jesus Who would go apart to pray after outer activity. (Of course, He did this before outer action, too, so that He was fully unified with the Source, and He would be a free and open channel.) He knew the power and wisdom of going back to the Source to be filled with new spiritual energy.

When you let go and let God do it, you get your ego out of the way as you place your whole faith and trust in God. Remember: It is God Who really does the work, not you. The better your conscious connection with God within, and really letting go of personal effort, the easier and greater is your demonstration.

Five Important Steps to Demonstration:

  1. Decide. Determine what your desire is.
  2. Prayer. Seek divine guidance.
  3. Acceptance. You have planted the seed in Mind and imagined the harvest.
  4. Faith. You relax and let go and let God grow your crop. Further, you refrain from all worry, doubt and fear. You weed out all unproductive thoughts, words and feelings.
  5. Wait. This is not a time doing anything but living in a quiet state of confident expectation in the pure knowing that all the forces of the universe are acting upon your desire.

The surest evidence of faith in God is your being able to turn away from a situation in which you have done your best and to give your attention to other matters with a calm, untroubled mind.

Here is a practical formula for demonstrating greater prosperity:

  1. Have faith in Omnipresence.
  2. Have faith in God’s good will for you.
  3. Think, speak, and act in accordance with your desire, and do whatever you feel guided to do in the outer.
  4. Keep your mind busy with something else that is constructive, creative, or recreational in nature. Rest from the idea of the demonstration you wish to make, in the assurance and knowing that Spirit indwelling you knows the Father’s way and always does what it sees the Father do.

Let go and let God do it and you will have the best prosperity possible. – Rev. John – (Adapted from “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana T. West)

•    •    •

Prosperity Increases! God bless you! I am so grateful for you and everyone for your prayer ministry, and for teaching me to tithe. It took a lot of faith and overcoming of resistance to begin tithing because there seemed to be so little money and so many bills. Thanks for straightening me out in regard to giving back to God, and getting my financial priorities correct. Since I began tithing, not only have my bills been getting paid more easily, but my income and my tithe have increased.

In fact, everything in my life has improved in some way. I heartily recommend to anyone who isn’t tithing, to give it a real honest try for at least six months. I appreciate your prayers and all the good your ministry is doing for me and everyone. Keep up your wonderful work. Enclosed is my grateful tithe. – D. M. – Alabama

Prosperity Prayer: Having done my part, I relax, let go and let God do it. I am grateful for all the rich good now manifesting in my life with ease.

Commandment 5 You Shall Deal Honorably With God and With All Human Instruments Through Whom God’s Good Is Manifested For You