3. You Shall Not Speak the Word of Lack or Limitation

By Rev. John W. Adams

In order to experience abundant prosperity on a daily basis, it is essential to watch your words. Make sure that they are in accord with the nature of God which is abundant, unlimited good. I AM is your handle of power and that which you attach it to tends to manifest in your body, life and affairs.

Every destructive word is a libel against the nature of God because it denies His presence. When you talk poverty you are affirming a falsehood in that you are expressing a belief in the absence of the present of God, All-Good.

You can never become prosperous as long as you affirm lack or limitation.

*There is great power in the spoken word.

Spiritually speaking, the word is the idea generated in mind. Commonly speaking, a word is a spoken or written symbol of an idea. In view of this, it is evident that the word gives form to the idea, because every spoken word launches some idea into the realm of form. It not only fixes the idea more firmly in your own mind but passes the idea on to other minds causing them to form mental images that are in accord with the word you have spoken.

When you talk about hard luck, limited circumstances and other forms of lack, you reveal that you are making false images and letting them have power over you. You also reveal that you are not looking to God as the source of your supply.

Holding fast to mental images of faith, hope, courage, and confident expectation of good, and speaking your word accordingly, opens the door of infinite plenty which then manifests more easily in your life and affairs.

Speaking the word of Truth does not mean to talk big to the world. It means speaking words of quiet confidence in God’s never-failing bounty. Such confidence only comes as a result of filling your mind with true ideas of God’s good will and His limitless power to provide for your every need. These ideas are generated through meditation and positive prayer.

Watch your thinking and your words. Let your thinking be thoroughly imbedded in the Mind of God and His vast, unlimited good for you. Speak no words of lack or limitation regardless of appearances. Speak only words of faith in God’s ability to provide for you and continually give thanks that He is. – Rev. John – (Adapted from “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana T. West)

* My book, “Power Words for Prosperous Living,” contains very helpful information that will increase your understanding of your of spoken word, and assist you in your prosperity quest.

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Cup runs over! A few weeks ago, I asked you to pray with me for my son who needed an increase in his prosperity. Last week he sold a car which he had reconditioned. The sale brought him many thousands of dollars. Thank you for your prayers. – G. S. – Michigan

Prosperity Prayer: With faith in God, I speak only words of abundance and plenty. I am surrounded and enfolded by the rich presence of God and I am living prosperously now. I am grateful!

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