2. Dig Your Ditches!

By Rev. John W. Adams

The Master Prosperity Teacher said, “When you pray, believe you receive.” He was stating a powerful prosperity principle and action of Mind. He knew that everything is done by faith. He also said to have the faith as of a grain of mustard seed, which is very, very small in size. What He was really saying to us is, we are to do as the mustard seed when planted in fertile soil. The seed does not question, doubt, or have qualms about what will happen. Neither does it think about past mistakes that might disqualify it from successful achievement. When planted, watered, and left to grow, a plant emerges and grows to hundreds of times the size of the seed!

When you think about it, that is a very wonderful thing! Even miraculous! There is infinite potential in a seed. It is amazing how a tiny seed can produce something so much larger and making many more seeds as a bonus! So it is with seed-ideas planted in Mind.

When F.W. Woolworth started his first five and dime store, it was very small and, people said it would fail. He proved them wrong. He was the one with the seed-idea and faith and, from that tiny store, grew a business of immense proportions.

In 1973, while meditating one day, I was given the idea of the Golden Key Ministry. A year later, I set my Royal typewriter on the kitchen table, produced my first newsletter, and the ministry was born. I knew that I wanted to reach a lot of people with prospering ideas and to help them get their prayers answered. I knew that everyone should live happier, more positive and productive lives as God intends, and I wanted to help as many as I could to fulfill his or her dreams. Then, I didn’t realize just how far this ministry would reach. Neither did I know, then, what a positive influence it would be on so many people.

It is simply marvelous how many people have come to rely on my ministry for prayer support, inspiration and positive, prospering ideas, and who have had their lives changed for the better because of one idea! More recently, the Internet has made it even easier to reach, and help, many more people. This website, the idea of which came to me during meditation, opens the way to inspire even more people, around the world, to claim, accept, and enjoy the abundance God has for each one.

At first, things did not go very well. Everything was done, though, in faith – and still is. When there was very little money, we still worked in faith believing that God would provide. In other words, we dug out ditches!

The nature of our wonderful Universe is to give forth of its substance — pouring it abundantly into our goals and plans, which we mold with our imaginations. What you mold and hold in mind, in your imagination, and nurture with you faith, has an excellent chance of manifesting in your life. And it will, unless you botch the job with doubts and fears.

With this in mind, how unwise is it to set goals for achievement in any area of life, begin with faith, but then allow yourself to get uptight and entertain doubts and fears. Jesus, the Great Prosperity Teacher, said to pray believing, to not doubt. So, BELIEVE! In understanding faith, believeacceptthat what you want, God is providing. There is no way that it cannot happen. Dig your ditches!

Don’t “swiss cheese” your prayers or plans. Swiss cheese is full of holes. When you doubt and fear, you put holes in your faith that keeps your prayers from being answered and your goals from being fulfilled. Either you believe you will have what you pray for – or something better – or you don’t! Convincing, understanding faith in God to provide is great success and prospering power!

In the practice of Seed Money, which I highly recommend, you give for your “Seed” and believe you have already received your tenfold return. You accept nothing less. You think and act accordingly. (Learn more about Seed Money. Click here and read Seed Money – The Law of Tenfold Return .

How to Have Unexpected Income!

How to Have “Unexpected” Income!

The Prayer-Treatment for ‘Unexpected’ Income which is found in my book, “How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income“, is another exercise in faith. You use the Prayer-Treatment believing that happy financial surprises and other wonderful blessings are definitely coming to you now through the direct action of God. For healing, you think and act as though you arealready healed. You accept that the perfect love of God is dissolving and dissipating every wrong condition of mind and body, and that you are whole and perfect now.

Read the Introduction and first chapter of “How to Have ‘Unexpected’ Income,” click here.

Of course, your attitude will be happy and optimistic and you act as though you have now what you desire. You use affirmations in accord with your desires such as: “God is my never-failing source of supply, and my healing comes speedily and my greatly increased prosperity comes quickly now, under Grace, in wonderful ways.”

Even if nothing appears to be happening, hold to your faith. Most of all, do not worry. Remember the sign: “Why worry? It will probably never happen!”

Here’s another powerful affirmation for increasing your prosperity: “Listening within, God shows the way and I am prospered more each day!”

Sometimes it is necessary to speak affirmations (and denials) hundreds of times to destroy those old negative tapes and get onto a higher, healthier, more prosperous plane of life. Sometimes, you must work hard in various ways, but whatever is required, your commitment, faith, and persistence will pay off. Dig your ditches as you prepare for the best. In truth, good preparation is digging your ditches! With a positive attitude grounded in understanding faith, you cannot help but win!

•    •    •

I dig my ditches because I know
God’s happiest riches for me, flow.
No matter where I may be —
God always takes good care of me! – Rev. John

When we can accept, in our mature realizations, that to love honestly and with integrity in our age, we must understand that WEALTH is mental and WEALTH is moral, then we can go forward and behold what this great truth can reveal for us. – Barbara Ruth Klein

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