1. You Shall Look to No Other Source but God for Your Supply

By Rev. John W. Adams

The first commandment is the very foundation of Christianity: “You shall have no other gods before me.” In other words, you are to acknowledge no other source of life, love, wisdom, power, and substance than our Creator.

The history of poverty in the lives of individuals can be directly traced to a lack of faith in God as the source of ALL supply. With faith in God you fear no lack.

Jesus taught that heaven is the all-embracing harmony of the kingdom of God within everyone. He taught that man stores up treasures in his own ever-present heaven, “where thieves do not break through nor steal.” This stored-up treasure is his consciousness or awareness of the spiritual richness within him that supplies his every need according to his faith.

Jesus said: “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”; in other words, it is God’s good will to deliver the riches of the kingdom as the fulfillment of every good and just need if you will trust and accept.

God never limits you. You limit yourself by filling your mind with fears, doubts, worries, and false beliefs that prevent you from accepting your divine heritage of abundant good.

God is your Banker and He pays on demand – the demand of faith. Spiritually illumined souls have always looked to God as the only Source of supply. No reasonable individual can possibly believe that his little needs are beyond the power of God’s fulfillment. As you look only to God as the source of your supply, you are the open channel through which He pours His vast good. – Rev. John (Adapted from “Prosperity’s Ten Commandments” by Georgiana T. West)

•    •    •

Prayers bring employment! I want to thank you for your prayers. For several years I was on welfare and then on Social Security before I asked you to pray with me for employment. I am happy to report that I now have a steady job with excellent pay and not far from where I live. I am grateful for your prayer support and for my new job. Thank you so much. – M. H. New York

Prosperity Prayer: I look only to God for my prosperity, and I am richly and abundantly prospered now!

Five Requisites for Prosperity:
1. Look only to God as the Source of your supply.
2. Have definite, written goals.
3. Forgive.
4. Find your divine purpose in life and fulfill it.
5. Tithe.

Commandment 2. You Shall Make No Mental Images of Lack