1. The Chickens Come Home to Roost!

By Rev. John W. Adams

There is an old saying with a mountain of truth in it: “The chickens come home to roost!” In my early years, my folks had a chicken ranch, on the Oregon coast, with hundreds of chickens. While the chickens were always in their yard, every night they would get on their roosts. Many years later, we had some Banty chickens that ran around on our three acres near Bremerton, Washington. They, too, always headed for their roosting places at nightfall, which was in small old barn.

When we apply this truth to life, we can put it like this: “What we sow, we reap.” “What we give out, we get back.” A contemporary version would be: “What goes around, comes around.” In other words, to make sure that the “chickens” that come home to you are the ones you really want, care should be taken to send out their like kind!

In the ever-popular movie, “The Sound of Music,” Maria sang that she must have had a wonderful childhood; she must have done something good to be reaping all the good that was coming to her at that time.

Sometimes, our past catches up with us, usually when least expected, and the discomfort caused is usually not welcomed. In childhood, we may do or say things that catch up with us later on. That happens, too, when we are adults. However, if we’ve been wise enough to keep our thoughts and actions right, we happily welcome the rewards of those.

Fortunately, there is something wonderful that frees us from past mistakes in judgment and actions. It is the Grace of God. We may call upon the Grace of God at any time and accept its freeing love, and then go free. (More on Grace in article #5 of this series.)

How is life for you? What is life for you? Some people mistakenly believe that they must battle their way through life; that it is meant to be struggled with. According to their belief, that is often the way for them. Stuart Wilde wrote that life was never meant to be a struggle. Florence Shinn points out, Life is a Game one that you play one-day-at-a-time.

Games are meant to be enjoyed, however, they usually have rules and guidelines. Begin now to think of life as a wonderful game, just like any game that provides a large amount of fun. Allow yourself to get excited about life! Lift your spirits, lighten up and let go of the heavy baggage. Set that down and leave it! I am referring, of course, to the heavy, unnecessary baggage of worry, drudgery, rut-living, lack and limitation acceptance, poor little old me (plom club members), self-demeaning thoughts, words and feelings, boredom, fear, guilt, any such burdensome loads. They never work for anyone and often impede one’s quest to live he prosperous life.

Give life the light touch.

It’s a good idea to make a serious commitment to making life more pleasurable, satisfying, healthful, and prosperous for yourself and your loved ones, but you don’t have to take the “scrooge” approach! Don’t make a heavy burden of it. Remember: Easy does it! You do not have to change everything all at once. One-day-at-a-time is sufficient.

Are you happy in your work? If not, find out why and make a change if you cannot honestly enjoy it. If you are seeking employment, there is the right place for you. Ask within of Divine Mind, and listen! God knows and shows! God knows where all the jobs are! You will find it helpful to declare over and over: “Divine Mind, in me, now reveals to me, the perfect plan for my life.” Or, “I am now working for a wonderful company where I give wonderful service for wonderful pay!”

Keep asking, listening, and affirming. God’s perfect plan will be revealed to you as you persist.

Many years ago, it was quite startling to me how well this worked. My life’s work, which I have been doing now for over 40 years, has been very rewarding and gives me a large amount of pleasure, especially in being an instrument through which God helps many people change their lives; to assist those who desire to live more prosperously. To be in touch with so many loving, grateful, prospering people, is frosting on the cake!

Do you worry? If so, why? I learned, a long time ago, that worry is an endless circle that begins and ends in the same place. Mrs. Shinn, in her book, “The Game of Life,” tells of the person with the sign that read, “Why worry, it will probably never happen!”

I used to think that I was the world’s worst worrier, that is, until I met some people who did it better and bigger. I realized how useless worry is. If you worry, it is usually a sign that you do not pray in faith, believing. Worry-thoughts send out the wrong “chickens.” A colleague once said that he stopped worrying when it was revealed to him in meditation that God created the whole Universe without his help!

Worry is playing old, negative tapes. Destroy them and go free! Release everything to the God-Presence within you. Exchange that burden for light. Make prosperous living a happy, enjoyable, and wonderful game. Play by the rules (spiritual laws) and your “Chickens” will lay for you, beautiful Golden eggs of rich, happy abundance!

•    •    •

Prosperous Living, I know its true
Is a wonderful Game for me and for you.
Play by the rules and you will see
Your life richly blessed – abundantly!

Rev. John W. Adams

•    •    •

Your Competitor

An enemy I had, whose face I stoutly strove to know,
For hard he dogged my steps unseen, wherever I did go.
My plans he balked, my aims he foiled, he blocked my onward way.
When for some lofty goal I toiled, he grimly said me, “Nay.”
One night I seized and held him fast, from him the veil did draw,
I looked upon his face at last, and lo – MYSELF I saw!

Author Unknown

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